This year’s topic:
Machine Learning and Blockchain

Today Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies are shaping the new digital world. This digital world is producing massive amounts of data which is a rich mine of information that must be exploited to extract valuable data, knowledge and information for various applications. This massive volume of data should be analyzed to discover trends, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions. Thus the conduct of business has now returned to the analysis of this massive data using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

On the other hand, Blockchain, which is the underlying technology that powers the Bitcoin, has become a frontier between Cybersecurity, IoT (Internet of Things), e-books and other data technologies. Much research and investment goes into the advancement of the Blockchain technology, because of the huge potential and innumerable applications it offers. The Blockchain is also considered by many to be the most important technological breakthrough since the invention of the Internet, and will become an important part of many businesses in the years to come.

In this edition, METIS 2018 aims to provide participants with an introduction to Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies. METIS’2018 will offer introductory courses as well as advanced ones on hot research topics related to Machine Learning and Blockchain. International researchers and experts in these fields will give these courses and tutorials.


April 04, 2018

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